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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 18, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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15% of the world's web traffic temporarily hijacked by shine actual what sort of information was included and is it at risk. here in d.c., chunks of concrete falling from the ceiling shut down one metro station last night. fox 5 morning news continues right now. start you off way live look outside this morning on thursday, november 18th. it is 43 degrees here in the district and much cooler in the outlying areas. good morning, everybody. thank you for being here.
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i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad to be here with you this morning. let's say good morning to tony perkins once again with a look at our forecast. >> 43-degree here in the dloik and -- here in the district and much cooler in the outlying areas. >> i can't tell you about the rest of the forecast, i have to leave that to tucker. >> it is much cooler than it was yesterday morning at this time. today will be a cooler day. let's go to the graphics. your satellite-radar composite look like this. skies are mostly clear around this region. we do are clouds off to the west. some of those will make their way in here and will become partly cloudy. there is moisture out there to the west. you don't have to worry about that too much. i would not be shocked if we get a sprinkle or shower or two here or there. i think for the most part, we'll be dry but some of that
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may break through. relative humidity, 74%. winds are out of the southwest at three miles per hour. your forecast for today, partly sunny, maybe a sprinkle or shower here or there. highs in the mid-50s today as opposed to yesterday's high in the mid-60s. so there you have it. we'll have more on all of that coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. let's check some with julie and get a look at what is happening on the roads. >> good morning to you all. so far, so good. the trip into the district uneventful off of 295 and coming inbound off of new york avenue northeast to northwest. top side of the outer loop holding steady. northbound i-95 in virginia, accident activity reported at 610 aquia harbor. we had reports of an accident tying up a land as you travel outbound in the direction of the beltway. we had reports of the accident activity.
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so far, we are not finding anything. we have traffic on the inbound side has folks try to beat the hov restrictions and head in towards the roosevelt bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the farragut north metro station back open and running after chunks of concrete crashed through the ceiling. the station closed for some time while metro officials were on scene doing an emergency inspection. district officials say road crews building a median on connecticut avenue between k and l streets apparently did the damage. fortunately, nobody was hurt. today mark day two of jury deliberation in the chandra levy murder trial. yesterday, the court heard new evidence. suspect ingmar guandique's fellow prisoner wrote a letter to investigators from behind bars in 2008 saying he knew guandique killed levy and wanted to help in the investigation. that letter was written after he heard guandique would be arrested for levy's death. a judge ruled the jury won't see that letter. there has been a guilty plea in the murder of a popular principal. brian betts was found shot to
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death in his home on april 15. alonte saunders pleaded guilty to murder. he will spend 40 years from prison. saunders has admitted he talked to beforts online just before the murder planning to rob him. -- talked to betts online just before the murder planning to rob him. the shooting was an accident. three suspects were in court yesterday in the corruption probe including sinisa simic. the young order him held in -- the judge ordered him held in jail actually third police officer charged is expected in court tomorrow. new this morning, china denies hijacking web track. congressional investigators say a chinese company, china telecom sent out incorrect routing information but today, the company is denying any role in the incident. 15% of the world's internet
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traffic including major information from corporate web sites, nasa and defense secretary robert gates office went through china for 18 minutes last april. concerns today about a malicious computer virus. it is a worm that appears to target iran's nuclear plant but it can be used to wreak havoc on other exteriors. the growing danger is spurring congress to move on laws to make computer systems safer. the outcome of a first civilian trial for a guantanamo bay detainee is casting a critical light. he was aquitted of 208 charges and found guilty of only one count. ahmed ghailani was on trial for the 1998 bombings of two u.s. embassies in africa. his sole conviction was for conspiracy for destroy u.s. property. president obama is asking
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for help to safe nuclear weapons treaty with russia. the top republican says the start treaty should not be voted on this year so the president is bringing former secretaries of state and defense secretarys for the white house this morning and tonight, the president leaves for a nato summit in portugal. security is tight as world leaders begin arriving tomorrow. topping the agenda, the timetable for withdrawing troops from afghanistan by 2014. we final will you have a winner in the u.s. senate race in alaska and it is lisa merkowski. during her victory speech, some made reference to the late alaskan senator ted stevens. >> what a wild, wild two months that has been. but what held me, what kept my course and lily this, take it back to your dad. ted's motto was to hell with politics, let's just do what is right for alaska and that is what we did. that is what we did.
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>> she is the first u.s. senate candidate since 1954 for win a write -- to win a write-in campaign. getting stranded on the tarmac can be a nightmare. so why would one group of passengers stay in their seats, refusing to exit their plane. the list of the most bed bug infested u.s. cities. where does d.c. rank? we'll fine out on the other side of the break. before before --
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let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence]
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is the its search for a serial bank robber in montgomery county continues. victors think this is the man responsible for five robberies in the last two months. in tuesday's robbery, the suspect had a gun and got away on a bicycle.
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if you know anything, call montgomery county police. in europe, more than 100 ryan air passengers stageed a sit-in on their airplane after their flight was diverted. the plane was headed to northern france but forced to land in belgium because of bad weather. some of the passengers were so upset, they refused to get off the plane. the crew just left. they turned off the lights and got off. we've been hearing alet about bed bugs shoulding down office buildings and homes across the country. a new report showing d.c. is in the top 10 of the most bed bug infested cities. new york is number one followed by philadelphia and detroit. d.c. comes in at number across current are i. the reason we're ranked so high, simple path. they say the bug need people to survive. so wherever there are large numbers of people, there will be bed bugs. tired of having to head out to the suburbs? city dwellers, if you are looking for a wal-mart being one will soon be coming to you.
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we'll tell you when and exactly where. a new push to get people of off of welfare in the district. even officer not -- even if they are not yet back to work. more on that coming up after of the break. 
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a spectacular display at the national harbor. a crowd on hand to watch the lighting of the national hash our tree. the fireworks display inside the atrium of the center. one of the nicer indoor scenes you will find in the area. >> that is pretty. >> beautiful atrium. >> thanksgiving is only a week or so away, right? a week from today. >> can you believe it in. >> no, i can't. that is what when he pull out
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our decorations at home. >> i start thinking about it thanksgiving weekend. >> listen. we've got cool temperatures across the region this morning. we are not seeing any precipitation at this hour but can't rule some out for later on today. let's take a look. we'll start with the latest bus stop forecast as you are getting the kids ready for school or you are starting to think about getting the kid ready for school. here is what we expect around that time. partly sunny skies but cool to cold temperatures. mid-40s downtown in the city. 0s 30s elsewhere across the region. in the district, we are at 42 degrees. 40 in baltimore. you mentioned 30s. there is leonardtown at 36 degrees. 30 at manassas. frederick is at 39. winchester, 39 degrees. as you look at the temperatures across the mid-atlantic and the northeast, it is pretty
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consistent everywhere. new york city is 47 degrees. not too bad there. satellite-radar composite, we keep saying that we expect the skies to be partly sunny. that is because of the cloud cover that will work its way in here during the course of the morning and during the afternoon hours as well. this area of low pressure, this little area of rain, not little, it is a wide area of rain moving across portions of the midwest into the ohio valley and the like. some of that may make its way over the mountains and impact us by bringing us a light shower or sprinkle or two here or there. we believe most of it gets hung up and breaks down before it gets over the mountains. most of that will be gone away but i think some of you could see a shower or two here or there. don't want to rule that out. partly sunny skies, maybe a brief shower. our average high for this date is 56 degrees. this is where we should be temperature-wise as opposed to the mid-60s where we were yesterday. tonight, a cold night, clear
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skies, low in town, 40. so most of you will see where you are lows overnight in the 30s. five-day forecast, a very cool day tomorrow. behind that frontal system out to the wets is cool are air so tomorrow's high, only 52. friday night into saturday, a cold night in the 30s. saturday, nice day. sunshine, 06 degrees. sunday, not bad, mostly sunny, 59. on monday, even warmer, 63 for your high. that is a look at what is happen with the weather. now, let's get more on the morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> we are starting off in montgomery county and got an accident to show you courtesy of the crew in sky fox. traveling along 29 at fairland road, that is where you will fine the accident activity coming southbound in the direction of the rush hour flow. so headed out towards university boulevard and the beltway, accident activity, one car at least or two cars pun out facing the wrong direction. you will find fire and rescue units on the scene and right now, it look like they have temporarily blocked the southbound lanes of 29 trying to maneuver some equipment
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around there. can you exit onto fair land road but traffic coming southbound is currently blocked. on the northbound side, traffic is able to get through but again, traffic already slow southbound on 29. what i mess this is for those continuing southbound trying to work your way out towards fairland road. you may want to bail out early. that will save you some time. southbound 270, checking for the crash in the local lane between 28 and falls road. so they are checking in the local lanes for one possibly stopped. main line still looking good doing the double nickel out towards the split. inbound on 66, delays from 50 to 123. traffic also out in manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you live out in the suburbs, you are familiar with wal-mart. now, that store is coming to the district. according to the washington business journal, the nation's largest retail will open fourers to by late 2012. they are expected to bring in
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400 construction jobs and 1200 permanent jobs. the locations include two stores in northwest. marion barry introduced a bill proposing to limit government assistance to five years. barry says he wants everybody to be self-sufficient and he wants the government to help make them that way. critics say children and adults would be left homeless and hungry. there are 42,000 people in the district receiving assistance. councilman tommy wells chairs the human services committee and says he will not move the bill forward. a big turnaround for general motors. stock goes on sale to the public today. >> the holiday shopping forecast. will there be more presents under the christmas tree this year. we'll find out. our business beat is straight ahead at 6:20. d fphgegemol
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an iconic american automaker resurrected on wall
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street plus the holiday shopping crunch is on. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with our business beat this morning. let's talk about general motors. last summer, this company was bankrupt and now they will be trading publicly. you talk about a comeback story. >> quite a turnaround. this company traded for more than 09 years on the new york stock exchange before the summer of 2009 and it filed chapter 11 and using the back year and a half to get back in shape and get its finances in order. today at 9:30 eastern, gm will ring the opening bell an its shares will once again list on the no, stock exchange. we are talking about what could be the biggest ipo ever, $23 billion. gm's ipo has been so popular, it showed more shares to the public, 30% more than it anticipated at $33 each. that price tag was high are as well. so this is an iconic company. there will be like six gm cars lined up on wall street and broadway right outside the new
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york stock exchange and they are expected to honk the horns when the opening bell rings and gm starts trading again. we are peat putting our hear the party hats on today. but remember that the american taxpayer gave this company $50 billion when they needed to. >> this will also help the company pay back the government although the government will still own a fair share. retail ares are hoping to be moving in the right direction when it comes to the people spending money this holiday season. how are things looking there? >> you know what? you were talking about wal-mart finally coming to washington, d.c. and i have to tell you it is not here in manhattan either. but wal-mart posted good numbers earlier this week and their biggest rival ring target, posted even better numbers yesterday. they said not only was the third quarter valely good but
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the fourth quarter, they are going to raise their same store sales to come in the best they've ever been in three years. that is fantastic news. we keep hearing the good numbers from the consumer stocks. that sector is really holding up when the broader market has been tumbling. so can you possibly expect to see more presents under the christmas tree. >> that would be good. what do you all have coming up later today? >> we've got a lot coming up. at 5:00 on the willis report, the florida attorney general and cavuto at six will have the former white house car czar talking about the gm ipo. what else? >> thank you very much. a large chunk of concrete falls at the farragut north metro stop. what is to blame for it and what can riders expect today on metro? i'm sarah simmons. i'm have the latest coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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we flash back to the storms from the other night, the national weather service says we should find out today for the damage in northeast baltimore was caused by an actual tornado -- if the damage in northeast baltimore was caused by an actual tornado. tens of thousands of people lost power. the residents think it was a tornado. the national weather service will let us know for sure later today. >> a lot of damage across the area in the overnight hours the night lymph last. so hopefully, all of that is out of here. you were talking about a little bit of rain some in places. >> there may be. tucker and i want to allow for the possibility of a few sprinkles. there is rain out to the west. some of it could make it out to the mountains. i don't want anyone to be shocked if at 11:00 or 1:00, it start raining a little bit. we could see a shower or two. here is why. i'll show you the satellite- radar. this nice little batch of rain
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well out to the west right now. it is moving across kentucky, indiana, ohio but it is making its way. the a rain is diminishing as it moves eastward. we expect that to continue so that whole little blob of rain is not going to move across our region but awe few of the showers could hang in there and make it across the mountains and get into here later on today. that is a possibility i just want to mention. temperatures at the area airports, reagan national, 42 degrees. dulles international, 5 degrees. bwi marshall, 40 degrees. your forecast for today, partly sunny skies. maybe a brief shower or two. most of you will be dry though. high about 57 degrees. that is a look at the weather, coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of the ask the weather guys. prince william is marrying kate middleton so now we are starting to get the questions about the royal family coming in. we'll answer one of those questions. there is something that all of us use every day that the royal
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family never uses and that is what we'll focus on. >> that will be interesting. okay. >> my mind is already starting to think. >> i always try to use the credit card. it always gets denied. >> that would be something he probably don't use. >> i'm always asking for tony's. >> that would be denied too. >> on the roads, 29 at fairland road, we have an accident up in montgomery county. the crew in sky fox is with us and checking out that drive that has a slow downbeginning back at green castle as you head southbound towards fairland road. some traffic is able to get by single file to the right. this is a close-up shot of the delay headed southbound towards the accident scene. at least two vehicles involve. if you are coming from the north to the south, a better bet may be to stick with 95. use that as the workaround.
6:33 am
no trouble spots headed down towards the beltway. outer loop slowing 95 around to georgia avenue here. work with me here in if you are coming southbound on 29. a different angle of the same accident. two lane getting through now so some improvement has been made. checking for accident activity as you approach business 34. it is reported as two separate accidents but a total of five cars involved eastbound 66 traveling out of manassas. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. our top story, back open and running, the farragut north metro station back to normal this morning after chunks of concrete crashed through the ceiling yesterday. >> that staying was shut down for some time last night while an emergency inspection took place. snobs joins us live at the station in northwest with more. >> good morning to you both. it is back open as usual at 5:30 this morning. it is closed since 8:00 last
6:34 am
night, the farragut north station -- snobs joins -- sarah simmons joins us live at the station in northwest with more. >> reporter: farragut north remained open for nearly five hours as metro. d-d.o.t. and d.c. fire officials tried to figure out how that large chunk of condition crete physical through a ceiling tile above the north end of the platform. >> lucky nobody got hurt. >> reporter: one metro rider who witnessed the concrete falling says it happened right around 3:15. she at any time want her face shown on tv. >> we had just gotten off the train and as we were stepping on to the platform, we heard the giant roar and we saw the concrete skittering across the platform. people jumped out of the train, off the train to see if people were okay. we heard a woman scream. no one was hurt that we could tell you about there was a giant dust cloud. >> reporter: district officials say road crews building a median on connecticut avenue between k and l streets apparently did the damage. >> this is very thin here actually, a lot thinner i think
6:35 am
than the drawings show. we started digging below the surface, struck something which struck something and then you have a piece of concrete fall. >> reporter: while the staying was open, metro did not allow it's the-car trains to stop and pick up riders. the front doors were opening in the area investigators wanted blocked off. >> when these things happen, there needs to be more information given out so that we know what to do. i could have walked down to dupont circle and been where i need to be by now. >> reporter: forget about the inconvenience. our witness says just think of what that chunk of concrete could have done. >> again, nobody was hurt but it was very scary and had somebody been standing there because people were getting on and off the train at the time, it could have killed somebody. >> that is very upsetting. any time that we could have put somebody at risk, you know, we don't want to do that. >> reporter: now, while this was all going on yesterday, it just so happened that the metropolitan washington council of government, the task force
6:36 am
release a new safety report about metro's performance. they are saying that the current board structure, the metro board structure actually contributed to a serious decline some metro's performance. they ever blaming that. they are recommending instead that the board members have term limits. they are talking about that they would like too see the board expanded as well and have the governors from the surrounding states also play a larger role in the board as well. but any of this would have to be approved by d.c., maryland, virginia and congress. we're live here at fair agut north, sarah simmons, back to you. >> thank you. a police officer caught in the corruption probe in prince george's county is scheduled to be in court later today. three other suspects and in court yesterday including another police officer. wisdom martin has the latest in this widening corruption probe. >> reporter: federal prosecutors say officer sinisa simic was running contraband cigarettes to new york and new
6:37 am
jersey. they he decided to add dealing drug to the operation. his lawyer says the case has been unfarrly tainted by the link to the corruption cation against county executive jack johnson. >> what has happened is sort of a frenzy. the process needs to work itself out and let this thing go forth in the normal course. >> reporter: simic, who is charged with drug trafficking, was already on suspension twice this summer by prince george's county police. federal prosecutors say simic drove the cigarettes and cocaine hidden in coffee cans. authorities say simic is heard in wiretaps talking with his partner about buying a 50 caliber desert eagle handgun like this for his partner in a straw purchase. prosecutors say when agented searched simic's home, they found the handgun just like the one described in the wiretap. the judge ordered simic held in jail until trial. >> any time there is a police officer in custody, you are concerned about other inmates
6:38 am
knowing that and doing some harm to him. >> reporter: eddy chen's wife claims the cash that was found was from that you are carry-out business and the frequent gambling trips. >> at that time being because the wife told me that the husband goes to atlantic city every weekend so regular gambling is fine but suddenly the police came. >> chen was put under house arrest and released to his wife. sergeant richard delabrer is in court today. corporal chong kim faces the judge tomorrow. the a panel found charles
6:39 am
rangel guilty of 11 counts. among the vialing aces, not paying taxes on income he made from property in the dominican republic. the recommendations will be subject to a vote on the house floor. -- among the violations, not paying attacks on income he made from property in the dominican republic. >> we can change, make a difference and have some reasonable security measures that keep our privacy intact. if you want to get the message out there, educate people, want to do it on a day they are paying attention and november 24th just happens to be one of those days. >> is that the creator of opt out getting some major buzz. brian sodergren says he is outraged over the body scanner machines you see at the airports. senators wanted to know if the tsa is going too far. the head of the nation's airport security explained why
6:40 am
these are a necessary evil. >> what i believe is that reasonable people can disagree as to the balance between privacy and security. >> i want to make sure we can address those privacy issues by affording people private screening at their request, to do all those things that address those concerns while again giving the highest level of confidence that everybody on every flight has been screened in a way that they feel comfortable that everybody else on that flight is safe. >> the tsa administrator says the new security measures are necessary in the wake of recently foiled attacks on airplanes. congress has chosen its party leader as republican john boehner. he can cantor will be majority leader. nancy pelosso
6:41 am
nancy pelosi willstayy on in her position. >> i think it is important that my party list tonight voters. we've got to listen to the voters and that is why i think this earmark vote is so important. >> there are certain people would have grown up on pork, they oink whenever they go back to the district and they talk about what they've done. >> the next chan to ban earmarks comes after thanksgiving. the hope diamond like you've never seen it before. more on a brand-new exhibit at the national history museum coming up next. also being palin for
6:42 am
president? how likely is it that she will make a run in 2012? we'll be right back ♪
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making headline this morning, sarah palin says she is consideration run for president. in recent interviews, the former governor of alaska said she would run against president obama in 2012 but only if she doesn't think there are other conservatives in the race. she also says that she could beat president obama. a new gallup poll shows that 52% of americans have an unfavorable view of sarah palin. its t hope diamond is getting a new home this morning. known's museum of natural history is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dime on's donation way new exhibit today. it will be shown to the public in a new setting called embracing hope. it will be unveiled at 11:00 this morning. that is gorgeous. >> i think that make it look better. the thing about the hope diamond, when you go see it, it is impressive because it is
6:46 am
huge but it is just a diamond. that is fantastic. >> that looks great. >> stop salivating because you can't get it. >> a couple million more. >> i'm really not into jewelry that much but that thing is just beautiful. >> that is a beauty. we've got a lot going on in the weather department so we'll jump right in. we'll start with the cold temperatures that we are seeing this morning. if you liked yesterday morning, you might not like this morning so much. 43degrees in the nation's capital. dulles airport is at 35. or to the east is where you fine the temperatures in the 40s. off to the west, the temperatures in the 30s. mixed bag this morning. we'll see a fine amount of sunshine during the morning but we do have some clouds pushing in from the west so we'll call day partly sunny sky for the bulk of the day today as we'll feature some clouds during the day but they will mainly be
6:47 am
light. it will be pretty decent. out to the west, there is some precipitation. most of that will evan wait before it gets here. a few of shows showers could make it into our viewing area later today. first of all, we've got a weak trough of cold air that is making its way eastward. for today , we'll be cooler than we were yesterday. tomorrow be much chillier with highs only in the low 50s. some of you might top out in the upper 40s tomorrow. forecast for today look like this. partly sunny skies. maybe a brief shower here or there. for the most part, no, but maybe. 57 57degrees for your high today. top is a cool day for your friday, 52 for your high. that's it. saturday though, nice, sunny
6:48 am
and 60. sunday, near 06 with mostly sunny skies and monday, we begun a little warm-up. the beginning part of next week upper 60s and then after that, the bottom drops out. >> let's just leave that for next week. at least it will feel a little more like thanksgiving should. >> by thanksgiving, yes, it will. we'll talk about that later. that is a look at what's happening with the weather. it is time now for ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. today's question comes from jerry in woodstock, virginia. he says we've all heard so much about prince william and his engagement this week and he has a question about the prince's name. er ask has his first name prince and his last name william or what. why don't we hear what that you
6:49 am
are last names are. no disrespect intended. >> this is what i said earlier. do you think they have a last name? uh-huh. >> what do you think it is? >> i cheated. >> you cheated? you looked already. i i am in the leaving my notes on the table anymore. >> i didn't look at your notes. you looked into the computer. >> i can't play either because i heard tucker talking too laud oraller. i don't like to look ahead and cheat. >> he was talking about it during the commercial. here is the deal, jerry. technically, they don't have a last name. why not? because they don't need them. etch knows them by their first names, prince harry, prince william as you see there. prince charles, queen elizabeth and this is how queen victoria, prince albert. they just go by the their first names. however, and i should say they've been known by the names, the royal family in england has been named nonby the names of the countries or
6:50 am
regions over which they ruled so their last names were rather complicated. before 1917, there was no surname for the royal family, only the name of the house or dynasty to which they belonged. so you want to show you what the current royal family's original quote, unquote last name was and i'm not making this up. this is not a joke. can we go to the name. there is your royal family. the house of windsor. that is what they are known by now. this was the original name. that is the house they belonged to, sax e-coburg, gotha. in 1917, people were grumbling that it sounded too german so they dropped to. they simply dropped to. some committee got together and decided what are we going to call this family. they considered different names, last names for the
6:51 am
family tewing the name steweddor stewart and the name england. they came one windsor. so it is just a made-up name. they are now the house of windsor. when queen elizabeth married prince philip, these last name was mountbatten. she considered for i time calling her heirs mountbatten- windsor. they are the house of windsor. when queen elizabeth signs official documents, she usually signs elizabeth r. the r stands for regina. that is not a real last name. that simply means queen. so a lot of her documents are signed elizabeth r. so to answer your question, it is
6:52 am
very complicated. the last name was cored saxe- coburg-gotha. it was changed to windsor. >> the producer saying at his grad situation, they called him william wales. >> one of the early early monarchs became prince of wales. >> i have a connection to the royals. >> what would that be? >> my great uncle in india fought for the british because the british used to rule india. so he fought for the british during word war i and he was killed in the line of duty in service and so we have a letter which i have frame at home from queen mary thanking his family and him for his service to -- very cool. >> my mother had it tucked away. >> we have to month on. you got a quick thought.
6:53 am
>> i want to say i thought this was ask the weather guys. >> you had to do it by yourself yesterday. >> he complain because he had to do everything yesterday. >> so what prs you are saying is that prince william will not come up and a hey, how you doing, i'm bill windsor. >> no. >> let's move on to julie wright. >> we have a lot to talk about. let's start off with the crew in sky fox. if you are traveling eastbound being you will find the accident activity involving least five cars out at business 24. that has traffic squeezing by to the left. we do have those delays at 29 gainesville. delays out of college park headed around towards what was the accident scene. 29 at fairland, the accident on the shoulder.
6:54 am
look for delays as you travel in from briggs cheney. this is the live shot of 66. it is a little blurry and v- d.o.t. is trying to fix that for you. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the gallery at the national air and space museum is getting a makeover. >> it reopens to the public tomorrow and this morning, holly morris is getting a sneak peek. we'll check in with her after the break.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this thursday my question is when was the last time you came to the air and space museum? whether you've been here once or too many times to count, i'll give you a reason to come back. now they have something old, yet new again. pioneers of flight was one of the original exhibits when the museum opened in 1976 and it
6:58 am
has to do with the development of flight. during world war i to world war ii exhibit has been updated and ready for you to come and learn more. it is displaying new research, never-before seen objects in the collection and they have a lot planned when you come take part in the exhibit as do we. it opens to the public tomorrow. we're getting the first sneak peek today. we'll look at it from the airplanes to the individuals significant during that time and show you some things that you haven't been able to see before. and my second reason to come to the museum has to do with the first, but this saturday they're having a huge family day where it will be interactive, it will be crazy for you with people to meet and learn from and you can get a junior aviation certificate if you come out this weekend. and do you ever need reasons to come down to the smithsonian? i don't think so but we'll give
6:59 am
them to you. >> thank you, holly. and our facebook fan of the day is cammicca crawford and happy birthday to her. search fox 5 and post a comment on kamiko's photo. good morning to all of you. coming up on fox 5 morning news, this is a live look at the farragut north metro stop where it's business as unusual this morning but yesterday it was anything but as a chunk of concrete fell from the ceiling causing metro to shut the station down for a few hours. we're live with the latest on metro giving the all-clear and how this all happened in the first place. president obama calling it a major milestone. today general motors will offer stock, ending the government's role as a majority shareholder. the stock expected to open at $33 a share. we'll get more on that a w


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